New World prepares to sell you character transfers for $15 a pop


You know how we ran that whole “It’s a whole New World” thing from Aladdin into the ground about two weeks after Amazon first announced the game? We may need to revive it because with upcoming paid realm transfers, it’s now a whole new New World.

What we’re trying to say is that starting on Monday, Amazon will be glad to sell you a server transfer for $15 apiece. This can also be used to switch regions and can only be purchased once every 24 hours.

“If you have a server transfer token from our free rounds, they must be used before purchasing server transfer token. You will be able to utilize these to transfer regions. They will show up as ‘free’ and ‘paid’ within your store,” the studio said.

Have more questions about this whole process? There’s a FAQ for that.

Source: New World, 2
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