Lord of the Rings Online devs reveal Easter eggs, memories, and history for the 15th anniversary


Let’s give some props to Lord of the Rings Online: This MMO is setting a strong standard about how momentous anniversaries should be thrown. Not only did the title launch a new zone, revise its business model, and give away a heap-ton of free goodies, but the devs came out to share some of their favorite memories — and secrets — from the game’s past 15 years of operation.

Along with a bevy of concept art from various parts of LOTRO’s history, six of the devs shared thoughts about their favorite parts of the franchise and game, Easter eggs that tickle them, embarrassing bugs that got by their nose, and even how some of them are NPCs in the MMO itself.

“Erebrandir’s Horseshoe was mostly my fault (sorry),” Jeff Libby confessed, “and Bingo makes an appearance in Minas Morgul during a very brief window of opportunity. There are a few places where you can emote at NPCs to get different responses (Willem Whisker has some of these during the Ballad of Bingo Boffin). There are some references to videogames I’ve enjoyed or funny internet videos (most obviously if you wear the Horseshoe during the conclusion of ‘Turtles in the Soup’).”

Libby also teased that there’s a special Easter egg in the new Yondershire region, so keep a look out for that!

Source: LOTRO
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