Albion Online tweaks weapon skills, improves arena matchmaking, and hands out this season’s winner statue

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The season of GvG combat is over in Albion Online is over and a winner has been declared, which means that a shiny new statue is being handed out to the victorious guild as part of the sandbox’s latest patch. Oh, and there are other things for everyone else to look forward to as well.

For the record, IAMNIUBI was the winner of Season 14 and so gets the aforementioned statue in their honor in Conquerors’ Hall, while Elevate and Judicate earned second and third place banners respectively. As for the rest of the patch’s content, specific abilities for a wide variety of weapons got some adjustments; the point reduction per kill in 5v5 Crystal League has been increased from four to six; and a number of matchmaking changes have been applied to the arena to shorten queue times, especially for solo DPS players.

The patch has made a couple of other overall changes and a variety of bug fixes. All of the specifics are available in the patch notes.

source: official site (1, 2)
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