Dual Universe previews the visual upgrades of the Athena update


Sure, Dual Universe showed off the visual upgrades coming with the Athena update once before, but this time there’s a slightly more comprehensive overview posted to the game’s website as well as a new video. Which kind of collects the Twitter previews, but hey, like we said, it’s comprehensive in the most textbook definition of the word possible; we didn’t say it’s granular.

As the lede alludes, this preview is primarily visual, with a few words talking up the new space skybox, prettier warp visuals, and the ability for players to freely rotate and preview blueprints of constructs before plonking a building down, all of which is illustrated in a related video.

The Athena update of DU went into its final public test phase a couple of weeks ago, but there’s still no launch date for the patch yet. Still, it’s likely to be coming soon, and players can peek at the pretty new visuals in the video below. After all, showing can be better than telling in this case.

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