Lost Ark KR gets new continent and new abyss dungeon on April 27


For those who follow the content updates of the Korean version of Lost Ark in order to keep abreast of what’s eventually headed to the west, you’ll likely want to know about the Paradise of the Dreamless update arriving on Wednesday, April 27th, which is bringing a close to the game’s second season with a new continent and new endgame dungeon.

The continent in question is known as Elgacia, a place that was hidden from the world by the demon slayer Kadan where a winged race of people reside. In addition to the new continent, the update will introduce a new abyss dungeon with three different difficulties and four different boss fights. This instance starts at a minimum item level of 1,475.

Naturally, it’s going to be some time before any of this stuff arrives to our version of the MMOARPG, but those who are looking forward all the same can check out the trailer below for an advanced sneak peek.

source: MMO Culture
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