MapleStory prepares to celebrate 17 years of operation in the Blooming Forest


What better place to mark 17 years of being online than entering the lush locale of the Blooming Forest? That’s just what MapleStory will be doing with its upcoming Blooming Forest update, which invites players to both mark the anniversary and enjoy some springtime-related activities. Though it’s mostly about that 17-year milestone.

The anniversary is primarily about getting Blooming Coins, which can be done in a variety of ways including using a special skill on enemies equal to players’ level to fill up a special bar with Warm Sunlight; racing against other players in the Blooming Race; and letting Legion characters pull weeds in a garden. There’s also a fight against the Flowering Shrub that can be taken up in order to get growth potions, and a weekly boss fight to earn Wish Coins.

On the subject of rewards, those Blooming Coins and Wish Coins can be spent at their respective shops for a wide array of goodies like enhancement items, cosmetics, and powerful boost items. There’s a whole infographic detailing what’s coming in the anniversary update, and there’s a video preview on Twitter (of all places) waiting after the cut.

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