Temtem adds dojo wars, an auction house, mounts, and a Temtem Plus console DLC in newest update


The Kickstarted early access critter collecting MMORPG Temtem has released a pretty hefty update that adds, among other things, dojo wars and other dojo-related features, tems that can become mounts, an auction house, and a new DLC for family-shared accounts on console versions of the game.

We’ll begin with that DLC first: It’s called Temtem Plus, and it lets all console accounts on a family-shared plan have access to bonus features such as unrestricted global chat, unlimited trading, and increased Temdeck storage to keep up to 600 different monsters. This DLC will be automatically granted to all primary accounts that purchase the game or have purchased the game already, and will not be necessary for PC players since Steam and Discord let the devs choose whether to allow family sharing and secondary accounts or not.

This new DLC comes as a solution to problems that arose out of console family-shared accounts, as players were using secondary accounts to troll others, abuse the market, and strain the game’s servers with storage floods. “We considered this a fitting, working solution for all involved parties. If you wish to continue using your family-shared account you will still be able to experience the game in full, albeit with limitations in your interactions with others,” developer Crema explains.

As for the primary features of the new update, there’s a lot to unpack. The tentpole attraction is the addition of dojo wars, which let player clubs assemble teams and duke it out every week to control dojos. The winning clubs get access to various features when a dojo is won, such as the ability to decorate rooms, access club storage, and open up a dojo park that yields access to some rare monsters.

Other features of the new patch include the introduction of an auction house that works like every other AH in MMORPG existence, the introduction of two mounts with promise of more to come in later updates, cross-progression between PC and PS5, and the aforementioned Temdeck storage increase from 300 to 600, though most of the slots will be locked until a certain quest is completed. Players of the game can get a rundown of this patch’s features either through the announcement post or the patch notes.

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