Albion Online prepares for its Season 15 Crystal League Championship in June


Players who have been duking it out in the Albion Online Crystal League are nearing the apex of the competition. Developer Sandbox Interactive has locked down the dates for this season’s Crystal League Championship, which will be happening on Saturday, June 4th, and Sunday, June 5th.

As usual, the top eight Crystal League teams will be squaring off in the final leg of the competition, vying for both bragging rights and an ultra-rare Sabertooth Rex Swiftclaw skin. This season’s matches will be hard-capped in order to limit regear costs to teams, but otherwise the final matches will feature the usual full-loot rules.

Players looking forward to watching the action can tune in to Albion’s Twitch channel for more, while those interested in signing up for the event can read the official rules here.

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