DC Universe Online brings the Dark Knights episode to Nintendo Switch on April 28

Boredy bored bored.

Poor Nintendo Switch players. You’ve been forced to sit there and watch while DC Universe Online players on PC got to experience all the edgelord… uh… edge of the new Dark Knights episode in the game and you didn’t get any of it! You just had to sit there and watch and wait while they played with Death Metal Batman and all you got was this regular old Batman you wanted to throw in the trash. Well, good news, you’ll get your chance very soon, as Dark Knights is coming to the Switch on April 28th.

Also, you should let Batman get out of the trash. It’s uncomfortable there and there’s a rotten banana peel by his face.

The content of the patch is identical to the earlier release on PC (thus the reveal just linking to the earlier announcement for PC players), so if you’ve already played this on your desktop, none of the content will come as a surprise. But if you prefer to do your super-heroing on a Nintendo console, you’ll get your chance as early as tomorrow.

Source: Twitter
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