Fractured Veil talks up its level streaming tech, improves visuals, sieges, and construction UI


How can the survival sandbox of Fractured Veil recreate the lush jungle of Hawaii without turning computers into campfires? The answer is level streaming, as explained in a very short video. The whopping 56 seconds of footage talks up this new tech, which allows the game to render a fully realized tropical biome without requiring every single detail to be loaded into memory; you’d need 64GB of RAM and a 24GB GPU to run the game otherwise.

Meanwhile, the sandbox’s newest patch talks up several added feature improvements including a more robust construction UI; improvements to siege mechanics that include bug fixes to mutant spawning; some additional graphics changes to improve fog, lighten the night a bit, and make prettier flowers; and further improvements to construction, vendors, and gameplay. Finally, the game has integrated into the Epic Games Store and will use Easy Anti-Cheat to corral bad actors.

sources: YouTube, Steam
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