Lost Ark tweaks Express Mission Event rewards, sees concurrency upturn

Why do we even have that lever?

So you started doing the Express Mission Event on Lost Ark but then realized that you had another character who could benefit way more from the event rewards. That would be what the kids call a “big L” or “big oof.” Fortunately for you, Amazon and Smilegate would like to help you avoid this oof moment, and thus they are rolling out a change on Thursday that will allow you to change which character is eligible to receive rewards from the event even if you’ve already gotten started.

Of course, it should be noted that you won’t be able to accept rewards that you’ve already taken, nor will you be able to change characters if you’ve already used the honing benefit items on a given character. This does not allow you to spread rewards about willy-nilly; it just lets you make a change if you picked the wrong character and want someone else to get the rewards. So it’s no longer a big oof if you start with the wrong character, fam.

In other Lost Ark news, it looks as if the April patch has helped the game turn a corner when it comes to losing concurrency.

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