Rumor: Leakers claim Elder Scrolls Online’s ZOS is working on a Star Wars Mandalorian MMO


Is Elder Scrolls Online’s ZeniMax Online Studios working on a new Star Wars MMO? Well, that’s what the rumor mill is claiming. Comicbook Gaming has collected supposed leaks, one from an Xbox leaker a year ago and one from a second source this week whose claims were “signed off on” by the first leaker, claiming that ZOS is building a Mandalorian-branded MMO set in the Star Wars universe. That’s it. That’s the whole rumor.

Of course, MMO players already know that ZeniMax is indeed working on multiple unannounced games. We know this because ZeniMax has been hiring for them for the last four years, at least one of them being an MMO. However, in most of these announcements, ZOS has said the new MMO is set in an “exciting new IP,” which of course doesn’t make clear whether it’s new-new or just new to ZeniMax or even new to Star Wars, which the Mandalorian still kinda is (or at least was at the time). But hey, they can certainly put those ex-BioWare devs they hired to work if it does turn out to be a new Star Wars MMO.

File this one under the rumoriest rumors ever but fun if true. Personally, we’ll be taking it all with a grain of Crait salt (and a glass of Mando Wine). Further reading:

Source: Comicbook Gaming. Cheers, Dynamosyn.
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