Black Desert PC improves pet looting and updates various aspects of the Elvia Realm monster zones


Most of the focus for this week’s update to Black Desert on PC are on the improvement and refinement side of things – namely, pet looting, the spirit weapons in the Elvia Realm monster zone, and the usual class balancing and series of events.

First off, pet looting has been changed so pets will prioritize looting goodies over moving alongside their owner, and any special pet abilities like finding rare monsters or resources will not be interrupted by players’ pets turning into a loot gremlin.

One of the arguably largest portions of this patch involves tweaks to the Elvia Realm monster zones: Spirit weapon spawn rates have been increased and will prioritize being bound to characters or party members, spirit weapons now have a 10 minute-long cooldown in-between uses, AP levels for these realms have been changed, and the maximum number of lootable enhancement materials has been increased.

Other points of note in this update are various changes to the Tamer class, new prime skills for the Drakania, new weekly quests that let players obtain materials required to craft Odore’s Spirit Essence and Ornette’s Sprit Essence, and a couple of events involving world bosses and showing off fashionable Drakanias.

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