Blizzard promises to reveal its new Warcraft mobile game on May 3


The speculation about what Blizzard’s mobile Warcraft game will look like is almost palpable. Will it be a gacha game? Will it allow you to draw your favorite waifu/hasubando in ever-greater rarities? Will it have predatory monetization and an addictive gameplay loop to get you hooked? Or will it have none of that and thereby be boring? We don’t know yet. But we will know in just a few short days, because the reveal is occurring on May 3rd.

The reveal presentation will start at 1:00 p.m. EDT on Blizzard’s dedicated reveal site, so you’ll have a convenient location to stop at on Tuesday to get all of your desired mobile Warcraft news. We’ll keep you up on the developments and any news we hear before then (and considering Blizzard’s track record with accidental website leaks, that feels pretty likely), but with less than a week to go until the reveal, you can probably just wait until official announcements happen.

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