Gamigo has actually updated the Glyph launcher for RIFT, Trove, and Fractured


Well file this one under things we didn’t see coming even a little bit: Gamigo has actually overhauled Glyph, the original Trion launcher that it inherited during the buyout and is still in use to operate several of Trion’s old MMOs. That includes Trove and RIFT, of course, but also listed are Atlas Rogue, which is somehow still online, and now Fractured, which is the Kickstarted Dynamight Studios MMORPG that Gamigo is publishing.

The RIFT WordPress site has a few technical issues going on right now with images not showing, but the Trove version walks players through the Glyph launcher’s new interface, which will now include Gamigo MMOs that weren’t previously on Glyph at all. This is all a bit like coming full circle for Glyph, which Trion originally launched back in 2014… as its own publishing platform.

Don’t get too excited, though; remember that Gamigo laid off a large contingent of devs and support staff just a month ago and disappointed RIFT players with its latest update. The company also pulled down its forums without explanation almost three months ago, and they’re still down – in fact, they’re no longer even linked from the official sites, so it’s pretty safe to say they’re not coming back. RIP.

Source: Trove, RIFT. Cheers, Clowd!
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