TrinityS is an early access three-player co-op game that’s all about beating raid bosses


What if you took the big raid boss fights in traditional MMORPGs and made that into a three-player online co-op title? You might get something like TrinityS, a new multiplayer game from Japanese publisher/developer Indie-us Games that lets players “skip the MMO level grind and face off against fearsome foes that require precise coordination to defeat.”

In TrinityS, up to three players select from one of three characters who represent a role in an MMO party’s holy trinity, each with customizable skills to let players tune their chosen character to their playstyle. Positioning and movement are noted as key elements in surviving these fights, which basically boils down to all of the dance steps that MMO raiders are used to in order to avoid the fire. For those who would rather play solo, TrinityS will fill out unselected roles with AI bots.

The game’s Steam page notes that early access is planned to run for about six months, while the full release will include more skills, a time attack mode, and optimizations to make the game playable on lower-end machines. The game will set you back $15 (but it’s on sale for $12 until May 4th), with no planned price change once early access ends.

sources: press release, Steam
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