World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will not have a mission table but will have traditional flying

Come on, vogue!

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is coming. When? Well, Blizzard isn’t going to tell you, but one of the points raised during a Twitter roundtable with director Ion Hazzikostas and narrative lead Steve Danuser was that the expansion is far along and alpha is coming “soon.” Feel free to regard that with appropriate suspicion as we still have no official dates. But hey, if you hated the mission table system that’s been in the game for the last four expansions, you can take heart that there are currently no plans for a similar system inĀ Dragonflight.

The roundtable also discussed the subject of flight, with emphasis on the idea that players will start out developing in the dragon riding discipline, but the plan is still to eventually allow flight across the map with your existing array of mounts. Players can also look forward to dragon riding being emphasized as an account-wide unlock, with the general philosophy being to make as much progress as possible into an account-wide exercise. Check out the full summary on Wowhead to get a few more worthwhile tidbits.

Source: Twitter, Wowhead
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