Final Fantasy XI outlines its May update for its 20-year anniversary month


Oh boy! Can you believe that May is the 20th anniversary for Final Fantasy XI? That’s a big milestone, and it deserves a big celebration, and what we’re getting right now is… well, actually not all that big! Sorry, but it’s true. The May version update just is not bringing in much stuff, and both of its Ambuscade fights (against Mamool Ja mages and a pteraketos) are repeats of previous fights. That’s a bit underwhelming.

To be fair, it is nice that we’re getting a new installment of the Voracious Resurgence with the May version update, featuring Maat in a spot of trouble (possibly from all the adventurers who have stolen his hat over the years). We also do know that there will be a special event to celebrate the anniversary on May 16th itself, so players should keep their eyes peeled for what that’s going to be. But the version update itself? It’s not that exciting, even for the 20-year mark.

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