Ashes of Creation discusses progress on combat, crafting, and events – and rejects play-to-earn

Tanks for the memories

While the latest development update livestream from Ashes of Creation didn’t have any blockbuster previews or sexy vignettes to share, what it did have was a lot of discussion about progress on systems as Alpha 2 continues to slink forward.

Topics of note include work on node systems such as specialization paths and service buildings, continued prototyping of combat interspersed with an explanation that there’s nothing to show yet simply because the quality level isn’t presentable, work on vehicle physics and its relation to things like siege engines, and the promise of a lot of changes to gathering and crafting in Alpha 2, which will reportedly be closer to their true forms as opposed to the rudimentary system in Alpha One.

A larger chunk of the livestream discusses AOC’s event system, which was described as a way to introduce fluid content that reacts to player activity. Events are said to have effects that are meant to disrupt daily activities and “create havoc” in order to garner player response, as ignoring events will have consequences, though there is the promise of seasonal events and holiday events that both reflect real-world holidays and in-game holidays.

In other AOC news, a cryptobro arrived to the game’s subreddit to suggest that a move to play-to-earn would make it “the greatest MMO ever made.” This garnered a concise and direct response from one of the game’s devs:

“To be really clear, we have no plans to have NFTs in Ashes of Creation, or any other ‘play-to-earn’ mechanics.”

Intrepid couldn’t be clearer.

sources: Twitch, Reddit
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