Wizard101’s spring update makes massive PvP changes, adds cantrip spells, and launches a loyalty program

And apparently nobody likes it


If you’re a player of Wizard101, you’ve got a whole lot of things waiting for you in the game’s spring update. New PvP content, a new type of spell known as cantrips, new spellments, a loyalty program; it’s all here and more.

One of the largest portions of the update is the new 5th Age PvP, which introduces four different leagues that all have different level requirements and rules, a new elo rating system, a new arena for PvP to go down in, and new rewards including new gear and blue arena ticket currency that can be used to buy cosmetic items, jewels, pet snacks, and even a few pets. PvP will also play out in season that run for two months’ time.

Another large piece of the update is the introduction of a loyalty program for subscribers to the game. This program awards a unique currency for those who have been subbed for two months or more that can be used to purchase mounts, spellments, cosmetic gear, and new packs ahead of time.

The update adds a new cantrip spell type that can be cast outside of combat. These spells come in different types, each with different effects such as fast travel, buff AoEs, personal flourish effects, and spells that can be cast at a target.

Finally, there are new Spellments available through a variety of means, including playing through the main quest, defeating bosses, using appropriate pet adventure powers, and finding chests in the world through the use of a specific cantrip. The system is apparently due for some further changes later this week as a result of player feedback.

On the subject of player feedback, various replies on Twitter and threads on Reddit are angry at this update, calling it rushed, greedy, and grindy. There’s a lot more to the update like new beastforms, a new Beastmoon Hunt map, a spring gauntlet, and a social kiosk for those forming adventure parties among other things, so those who are curious to dig in have a lot of reading to do.

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