Last Oasis talks up new walker weapons, streamlined armor and damage types, and new robot friends


Last month we were all surprised as woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis decided to rise from its comms slumber and discuss new plans for mob and critter AI. The dev blogs appear to be rolling on as another new post offered up incoming tweaks to various other systems in the game, particularly those related to the game’s unique wooden walker vehicles.

First up, a new walker remote weapon known as the Stinger is on the horizon, described as small, dart-shooting defensive weapons mostly meant for low level encounters. These smaller weapons represent a way for players to have some defensive options while larger walker weapons get tuned for other objectives like PvE hunts or walker vs. walker combat. Speaking of which, the devs are making the first steps to the creation of a new Rokker weapon that’s being designed specifically for walker vs. walker combat.

Next is a streamlining of all of the armor types and damage types in the game, with five tiers of armor and four base categories of damage. The intention here is to provide some linear armor progression and make damage types more efficient while still being useful and not outclassed by shinier damage types.

Finally, the game will introduce automata – friendly robots that can man weapons that would otherwise be taken up by a human player on a walker, allowing the pilot to open fire on their own like they do smaller remote weapons. The inclusion of automata opens up some potential new design avenues for the devs to consider, such as weapons that disable robots on an enemy walker’s deck. Also, players get a robo-friend, which is always nice.

source: Steam
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