Lord of the Rings Online fixes up several quests, instances, and the Anor legendary server


Lord of the Rings Online had a few buggy messes to clean up from its recent Yondershire update, apparently. The game’s latest patch is all about fixes and tuning of several quests, instances, and adventure areas across the game’s world.

The lion’s share of fixes were applied to the Den of Pughlak instance, nerfing DoTs, lowering monster stat scaling, and making several abilities either hurt less or dispellable. The nerf bat was further swung at the Assault on Dhurstrok and Adkhât-zahhar (while certain abilities from specific monsters in that latter instance will be seen more frequently), and several fixes were applied to quests in the Yondershire and Enedwaith.

The notes also point out some adjustments to the Anor legendary world, specifically closing up the Ettenmoors since the PvMP area shouldn’t be available below the level cap and ramping up the legendary item level to 449. There are other general fixes applied as well, all of which should continue to make LOTRO a really nice place to visit.

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