PSA: Get your free original SWTOR mech today on Star Wars Day


It’s been the longest of all running jokes that Star Wars: The Old Republic loves to trot out the same astromech pet for a May the 4th giveaway – only with a different paint job to confuse the Empire or something. Well, that’s a joke of the past because this year’s pet is all-new and all-adorable for those of you who like cube-shaped things.

“In honor of Star Wars Day, and to show our appreciation for all of our players in a galaxy far, far away, we’re giving away the orange P1-XL droid,” BioWare said. “This droid’s boxy chassis and high-visibility paint ensures that you’ll never lose sight of him as he follows along in your many adventures!”

Players have from May 4th through the 10th to log in and claim the pet on their accounts. SWTOR is also running a double XP bonus and holding a half-off collections sale during this time period.

This promotion coincides with a game update that finally adds cosmetic weapons: “The new customization functionality is now live! You can now have one weapon (or weapons for dual-wielding combat styles) equipped which will determine the stats applied to your character, and stamp the appearance of another weapon of the same type via outfitter.”

Source: SWTOR, 2
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