Aion NA adds a wardrobe system, a normal version of Heart of Apsaranta, and several dungeon tweaks


Good news for Daevas with a passion for fashion: The NA version of Aion is bringing a wardrobe function in the 8.2 update, which replaces the Luna Wardrobe to bring similar functionality in an easier format. Happily, any Luna Wardrobe outfits that were previously saved and all unlocked costume slots will migrate to the new system, and the wardrobe works for each character.

Once players have dressed their character up, they can perhaps take on the normal version of the Heart of Apsaranta encounter, which features a couple of noteworthy changes to existing bosses and boss mechanics, or perhaps they can check out some of the tweaks to dungeons like Timeless Terrace: Kaldor, the upper floor of Crucible Spire, and the Arena of Discipline.

Maybe those fashionable players can look at some of the changes in the Apsaranta zone, try out some of the new crafting recipes, or chase the goodies in the new season of the Empyrean Lord’s Sacred Relic. Whatever players choose to do, they have a number of options with this patch, and they can look good doing it.

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