Black Desert launches new Path of Glory season on mobile, graduates season characters on PC, and shares some jazz tunes


Hey, gamers. Do you like jazz? How about jazzy tracks from Black Desert? If so, then you’re in luck because members of the game’s audio team are reimagining several songs from the game in the style of jazz. The new music is part of a so-called “radio system” and will introduce four tracks to the game’s YouTube Music Channel.

If you’d rather know about content updates, there’s plenty of that as well: The mobile version has kicked off season 8 of Path of Glory with the promise of more diverse battle content and the opportunity to get an upgraded emblem. The new season will run for a total of 12 weeks.

Meanwhile, PC players are getting a specific inventory for artifacts and lightstones, can now graduate their season server characters to the regular game proper, and can prepare for the Drakania class’ awakening by snapping up a unique pendant, which can enhanced now and traded in for the awakening weapon later.

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