RIFT brings back its first battle pass and packs the rest of the year with events


While RIFT’s “great update” of 2022 ended up being somewhat of a disappointment — although not a surprising one, considering Gamigo’s layoffs in the months previous — the fantasy MMO is looking to fill up the rest of the year with battle passes and events.

In fact, Gamigo brought back the very first battle pass this week that the game ever ran way back when. “In its reworked version, you can progress through 30 levels by completing daily and weekly quests. You can play the battle pass for free and be rewarded by various consumable and artifacts,” the studio said. This battle pass will run until August 8th.

And fan site The Ghar Station did a bit of datamining investigation to tease out the dates and lineup for the rest of the year’s events in the game (as well as 2023’s). Coming over the next few months are Mech Week, Shiny Shenanigans, Summerfest, Hellbugs, and Budgies.

Source: RIFT, The Ghar Station. Thanks Clowd!
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