Ship of Heroes’ player housing beta begins today


As promised, City of Heroes-inspired indie MMORPG Ship of Heroes is throwing open its superhero doors for a fresh round of open beta beginning today. This eighth leg of testing is centered specifically on the game’s brand-new and in-progress housing system, which superficially look a bit like supergroup bases to City of Heroes fans but is actually significantly more customizable – and this is player-centric rather than aimed at groups.

Players will choose from eight apartment layouts ranging from small and single-floor to large and multi-story, then build out walls, doors, pets, and furnishings and color them to taste. Objects also have pitch, roll, and yaw functions so you can flip stuff upside down or put your sofa on your wall should you desire it. And of course, there’s a full suite of lighting tools.

“Currently, we have over four hundred textures, items, and objects that can be purchased for a player’s base,” Heroic Games says. “By comparison, the number for Final Fantasy XIV appears to be over 1,000, but that is a large, successful MMORPG with a long history of expansions behind it. We plan to add more options over the lifespan of Ship of Heroes, and in particular in response to requests from this feature Beta.”

It looks as if registration is still open for the test, which runs through Sunday, May 8ths; testers are being given currency so that they’re not hampered in their building. Bug reports are being collected on the official forums as well. Are you planning to dip a toe into the event?

Source: Official site

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