Menma’s TERA emulator awaits those who are looking for a new home before the MMO’s PC shutdown


With news that TERA is going to be sunsetting on PC in June, one of the common questions asked by soon-to-be refugees is if there’s an emulator or rogue server around that can keep them playing their favorite title. There’s some good news on that front in the form of Menma’s TERA.

Described as “[t]he old 2013 Island of Dawn is back where it should always be,” Menma’s TERA offers stronger monsters, revitalized farming events, a number of old dungeons that make a return including Shandra Manaya, several PvP features, smoother character and gear progression systems, and the opportunity to earn cosmetic costumes by playing the game.

The rogue server has been updating and developing for the better part of the year, making adjustments over that timeframe. A post-launch update from September 2021 notes plans for adjustments, fixes, and changes as asked for by the community, along with a general rundown of the server’s operation to that point. If you’re a TERA fan who could be seeking somewhere else to go, this server may be a solution – assuming Bluehole doesn’t pull out all the stops to shut it down.

source: official site, thanks to Pepperzine for the tip!
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