Trove brings back the Spring Fling event on all platforms and kicks off season 3 of Bomber Royale on PC


Whether you like to throw flower spawners or bombs, Trove has got you covered, at least assuming you like doing the former activity on all platforms and the latter on PC. The game has once again brought back its Spring Fling event for every platform the MMO is on, while PC players will also get the third season of Bomber Royale.

The Spring Fling event is no different to the other times this flower tossing event has launched: complete a quest chain, buy spring flingers to spawn flowers anywhere and a bee friend in Medieval Highlands and Permafrost zones, and get rewards like two new mounts, two new allies, and a new banner. The event runs between now and Tuesday, May 17th.

As for Bomber Royale’s third season, players can expect four new maps, two new bombs to toss at people, a new queue feature as well as private match functions, and several new rewards. This latest PC update further adds a host of new item styles and new dungeons from players, adjusts knockback, and tweaks several of the game’s classes.

source: official site (1, 2)
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