Pet-gathering open world MMO Chimeraland announces NA release plans, starts Canadian closed beta


Over the course of the past year we’ve been covering the progress of Chimeraland, an open world cross-platform MMO coming to PC, iOS, and Android devices all about taming creatures and combining them through a devouring and evolution system. The game made it to the SEA region at the start of this year, and soon NA players will get their taste of this MMO’s whole deal, with Canadian players being first into the game thanks to a closed beta.

Canadian players can now sign themselves up to be selected for this closed beta until Tuesday, May 10th, while the test itself will run on PC and Android devices between Thursday, May 12th, and Tuesday, May 17th. Details on how much content will be in this test build are unavailable, but there will presumably be access to the game’s overall feature set including a 1000 square kilometer open world, plenty of pets to collect and modify, and different weapons that can be switched at-will.

As for Chimeraland’s later plans for the rest of North America, publisher Level Infinite promises that players in all of the NA region will get access to the game sometime this year. A specific calendar date isn’t tied down yet, as the developers at Pixel Soft want to act on player feedback beforehand. If you’re looking to submit that feedback (and live in Canada with an appropriate device), signups are still available.

sources: press release, official site
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