Albion Online’s next update overhauls magic staves, castles, Outlands travel, and dynamic events


It’s time once more for Albion Online’s director to seat himself in the Comfy Chair and regale players with the goodies that are on the horizon in the sandbox MMORPG’s next update, Into the Fray, which will bring changes to castles, magical sticks, the Crystal League, and travel in the Outlands.

If you’re the wizarding sort, this update will bring an overhaul to Fire, Holy, Nature, and Cursed staves at the update’s release and Arcane and Frost staff changes in a later patch. This overhaul will include new animations, visual and audio effects, and the promise of some new spells in some cases. Also on tap in the overhaul department are castles and castle outposts, which are getting updates to layout, battle flow, and visuals, along with new loot chests to snatch.

For those who are into the Crystal League, the next update will introduce a new arena mode that uses Crystal League rules, the addition of a non-lethal league, and the promise of new systems that will make it easier for players to enter the league and build up their skills without worrying about gear costs.

Into the Fray will bring new reasons for players to arrive on a daily basis with the addition of dynamic daily events, which will either encourage players to dive into Hellgates or Corrupted Dungeons, or will grant short-term crafting bonuses.

New players traveling the Outlands will get some new conveniences to make the area more accessible, including portal towns that offer safe harbor and a new Journey Back ability for mounts that reduces movement time for return journeys. Other QoL features will include victory emotes, training dummies for player islands, new zone exit tooltips, and party UI improvements. Those who are looking to learn more can either get the briefing on the website or listen to Henkys on the aforementioned Chair.

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