Fallout 76 elaborates on the new Expedition system coming soon to the PTS


If a faction has taken over a resort, turned it into a base of operations, and has access to a helicopter, you can bet that they’re up to something. That’s just what the Expedition system is bringing to higher level players of Fallout 76 and is also the subject of the game’s latest weekly newsletter.

The entire system is accessed at the Whitespring Resort, which has been adapted by the newly reformed Responders to become the Whitespring Refuge, a base of operations for the faction and the place where the aforementioned helicopter (aka whirlybird) waits to take players to an Expedition. First, though, players will need to fuel the whirlybird’s ultracite battery, which is done by completing three refuge daily quests. Once those three quests are cleared, players will have enough power to ride the chopper to the first Expedition at The Pitt.

Each Expedition mission will feature random objectives for players to complete as well as several optional objectives that can net extra rewards if they’re completed. Speaking of rewards, players can expect XP, loot, and a legendary item at the bare minimum, some Pitt-themed rare item plans for things like weapon and armor mods, outfits, and CAMP items once per week, and a new Stamps currency that can be traded in for the exact rare rewards that players may want (instead of praying to their favored RNG deity).

This new content and the first Expedition mission is arriving to the PTS soon, with a second Expedition mission slated to arrive at some point later, while the content itself has no firm release date. Still, interested players can at least get an advanced look at what’s coming to Whitespring before then.

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