Last Oasis details a new hardpoint-based building system for its wooden Walkers


We’re sure this is going to come as a surprise, but people took a PvP feature in the survival sandbox Last Oasis and just made it weird for everyone. Specifically, the ability to freely place things on the decks of Walkers has made boarding actions “a lot more awkward and less fun” by the devs’ own reckoning, thanks to players surrounding vital items with flags or campfires. So how to fix it? With a hardpoint system.

These hardpoints are essentially locations where specific structures can be placed. Hardpoints are being broken up into five different categories, and each Walker will have a base rig with a set amount of hardpoints available. Luckily, players can update the rig with specialized versions intended for specific tasks like hauling or fighting, and rigs will be part of the game’s loot system, making them findable and even tradeable.

Testing of this system is coming soon, but those who are interested in the nitty gritty details have a whole dev blog to read up.

source: Steam
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