Victorian survivalbox Nightingale talks up lore and promises more details soon


It’s been a little while since we last checked in with Nightingale, the fascinating Victorian survival sandbox that promises portal-hopping fun. So what’s been going on with the project?

For the most part, the team’s been fairly quiet since the flurry of its initial reveals. There have been four lore compendium entries to illuminate some of the different creatures and groups in the game universe, including the Fae, portals, and the Bandersnatch. Interested parties can wishlist the item on Epic Games Store and Steam.

The hype train for this game will hopefully ramp up with a cover feature in PC Gamer’s June 2022 edition. The magazine’s preview reads, “Nightingale brings together the co-op survival of Valheim with storytelling and world-building like Dragon Age, thanks to a team of ex-BioWare developers. So how could we resist going behind the scenes for this month’s huge cover feature? We’ve delved into everything from its epic boss fights, to its remarkable player freedom, to its fashionable hats.”

Hats, people. Hats.

Source: Twitter, PC Gamer
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