Zenith offers up a video sneak peek at its first instanced dungeon


When wandering the world of VR MMO Zenith, you may come across the entrance to some dungeons that anyone can wander into and join together to plumb, much like in ye olde MMORPG days. In the game’s next update, however, a more newfangled form of dungeon is on tap: a four-player instance known as the Seething Depths.

This new dungeon, which was previewed in a Twitter video, will be a private instance for parties that promises boss fights, environmental puzzles, and new loot, while a reply from the devs confirm that it will be a matchmade activity. The only thing that’s unknown right now is when this content will arrive to the game, but judging by the response from players, it can’t come soon enough.

In more recent news, Zenith put out a hotfix to address a few issues and bugs, and banned some malicious actors who were causing server disconnections.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), official site
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