Elite Dangerous will grant console players a free PC copy of the game as it tries to allay content drought concerns


If the future of Elite: Dangerous feels grim in the face of canned console development, a shaky communications cadence, and a threadbare-looking 2022 roadmap, perhaps fans can be convinced otherwise through a follow-up informational post from the game’s community manager, which touches on many of these points.

The post first leads off with word that that Frontier is making progress on the upcoming console-to-PC account transfer system and that everyone who has bought a copy of the game on console will be able to get a free PC version. Details on how this will happen are not tied down yet, but it will happen in a limited-time window and players will have plenty of advance notice for when this claim can be made.

Much of the post otherwise repeats May’s earlier posting but provides a bit more information on the next three updates coming this year: Update 12 is on track for a release this month, promising more optimization and performance improvements for Odyssey as well as a new mission variant (more on that in the coming weeks), while Updates 13 and 14 are eyeing an August and November launch respectively, bringing with them “exciting new narrative threads for [players] to engage with” beyond just new GalNet news articles. “I would very much recommend that you keep up to date with the current happenings in the Elite Dangerous universe, as the Azimuth Saga continues to evolve,” hints the post.

The post also nods in the direction of 2023 plans, once more repeating the coming of “a key feature overhaul” that can’t be elaborated upon further. “I hope it will help allay some concerns that there is no more content coming to Elite Dangerous. There’s a lot still to come, and the new major narrative phase will have a part to play in the future, too,” the CM promises. The remainder of the post talks about topic features players can look forward to in the game’s future bi-weekly livestreams, highlights a player event, and shows off some fanart.

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