The Division 2 previews its new season, Hidden Alliance, with improvements to the manhunt system

Hunt a man.

If you want to go on the hunt for a target, engaging in a “manhunt” if you will, the next season of The Division 2 is going to be tailor-made for your particular sensibilities. The developers are honing in hard on the game’s manhunt system as you track down and get rid of particular targets, including allowing the lieutenants you’ll be tracking down to take over the field in specific main missions. That’s going to hopefully change up the game and give you all the more incentive to take them down, with the team hoping that this new approach allows them to deliver more quickly and flexibly on delivering interesting content.

There’s also story to work through with the new season, and it’s being presented in a new and more cinematic style to help ensure that players have an easier time following along with events as they unfold. So Hidden Alliance opens with a cinematic flashback explaining where the story is at now and displaying how characters react to new developments, with players getting a chance to explore more organically and receive story-related collectibles in recognition of new developments. Check out the full preview for more details.

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