Black Desert brings Drakania and season character pre-creation to console, artifact presets and world boss changes to PC


The time is nearly here for console players of Black Desert to swing a giant sword around while wearing a helmet that we could charitably say looks like a spooky dragon (but ends up looking like a lizard pupper). Yes, the Drakania class is on her way and console players can pre-create one now if they so choose.

In addition to the Drakania pre-creation, players on consoles can also pre-create their next seasonal server character, while the latest update brings a stat rotation for Conquest and Node War locations, improved pet looting, new Dawn Earrings, and a few class changes with primary focus on the Tamer class.

Meanwhile, the PC version of the MMORPG has introduced a new artifact preset function to help players more easily manage their equipped artifacts, made adjustments to several world bosses, and kicked off another round of events that focus on Dark Rifts and getting PEN V accessories.

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