Dungeons and Dragons Online starts testing Isle of Dread while LOTRO wraps up its anniversary giveaway


Dinosaurs, cat-people, and mysterious mysteries — what’s not to look forward to with this spring’s Dungeons and Dragons Online expansion? With the Isle of Dread expansion coming on June 8th, Standing Stone Games is revving up public testing of its exciting content.

This week, players can jump onto the preview server to get their first look at Update 55. According to SSG, the preview “contains a number of features and quests for our upcoming expansion pack, the Isle of Dread, including loot and the increase of our overall level cap from 30 to 32, along with some minor changes and bugfixes.”

There will be four dungeons available with this preview: The Curse and the Captive Crustacean, Plundering Pirates’ Point, Bullywugs and Booby Traps, and Fall of the Forgotten Temple.

And over in DDO’s sister game, Lord of the Rings Online is wrapping up its 15th anniversary. In fact, today’s the last day you can grab all of the incredible giveaways — including free expansions — so make sure you do if you’re interested!

Source: DDO, LOTRO. Thanks DDOCentral!
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