EverQuest II opens up its Varsoon time-locked expansion server for beta testing

This town may actually be big enough for the two of us.

Who likes time-locked expansion servers? EverQuest II certainly does, and it’s launching another one with the Varsoon server. If you missed the earlier FAQ about Varsoon, the short version is that it’s quite similar to the Kaladim server except that it offers you the ability to trade items that would normally be marked as heirlooms. So expansions roll out in steady 16-week waves and players can trade more items back and forth, and now you can go ahead and beta test this new server.

Beta tests are active now and will presumably last until the server’s official launch on May 24th (a specific end date is not explicitly stated, just implied); it’s worth noting that if you decide to take part, the new server’s install files will take up about as much space as the main game installation, so fair warning for players on a small hard drive with only a sliver of remaining space. If you’re curious about the “classic” experience and want to take a walk back through memory lane, of course, there’s every reason to give the server a test.

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