Guild Wars 2 tweaks the Soo-Won fight again and nerfs multiple classes in PvP


Guild Wars 2’s patch this week turned out to have a lot more packed into the notes than you might’ve thought. In addition to a long list of bug fixes – including yet another round of attempted fixes for the Soo-Won fight – ArenaNet has added the Xunlai Jade Junkyard strike mission challenge mode and improved the experience of fishing with a skiff health bar and better fish drop rates.

But the community chatter focuses on the tweaks to specific classes in competitive PvP content. Notably, the studio has:

  • nerfed the Necromancer’s Rise, Death Nova, Unholy Feast, Well of Suffering, and Well of Corruption in order to “bring down some of the primary sources of ranged area-of-effect damage to create more opportunities for melee pushes”;
  • nerfed the Revenant’s Coalescence of Ruin, Phase Smash, Tree Song, Battle Dance, Saint’s Shield and buffed the Vindicator’s defensive capabilities;
  • nerfed the Elementalists Meteor Shower, Firestorm, and Fiery Eruption;
  • nerfed the Guardian’s Symbol of Punishment and Sword of Justice;
  • nerfed multiple Mechanist defensive skills;
  • nerfed the Untamed’s Tail Swipe;
  • nerfed the Specter’s shadow force gain;
  • and nerfed Rune of the Trapper’s stealth duration.

But do remember, these changes are isolated to PvP, so most folks won’t see their effects anyhow.

Source: Patch notes
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