New World applies some general fixes and nerfs a great axe perk in latest patch


We’ve got some bad news for New World players who were all in on the great axe’s Gravity Well perk: As of the game’s latest patch, that’s been hit with the nerf bat. Weapon damage has been reduced, block stamina damage has been reduced, lifesteal amount has been reduced, and a bug where the perk hit enemies twice instead of once has been fixed. Owie.

Speaking of fixes, the vast majority of this update tends to some bug fixing, addressing problems related to group healing hotkeys, getting locked into an endless error message loop upon login, instant respawns during War and Invasion modes, and the timer for the region transfer button among them. It’s not a particularly exciting patch – especially if you’re a user of the aforementioned great axe perk – but it is still noteworthy regardless.

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