PSO2 New Genesis celebrates its first anniversary with quests, trials, and cosmetic goodies starting today

And fancy Rappies, naturally


It’s time to celebrate a whole 365 days of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis! As of today’s patch (which should now be live after a lengthened maintenance period), the MMO’s first anniversary celebration is underway, bringing a bunch of event-related content to the game over the next month.

As of today’s patch, players can take in the sights with some decorations around the game world, harvest Anniversartichoke, Randomite, and Mischief Symbols, and take on a bunch of limited-time quests, new trials, and event tasks. A wide array of goodies are on offer during the first leg of the event, including several cosmetics, 5-star dark elemental weapons specifically designed to combat seasonal enemies, and Obscura weapon camo. Further anniversary content is set to land in a follow-up patch on Wednesday, May 25th, with more tasks, more cosmetics, and another limited-time quest.

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