RuneScape details charitable bundles for mental health awareness, OSRS acts on Giants’ Foundry feedback


It’s time once again for another bundle of news updates out of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. We start with RuneScape’s usual weekly newsletter, which calls attention to some new charity bundles players can purchase to support CPSL Mind and Rise Above the Disorder, offers up the standard weekly patch notes, and once again waves its open hands at the board game Kickstarter and some recent previews from creator Steamforged Games.

Meanwhile in OSRS, the devs are applying tweaks to the Giants’ Foundry minigame thanks to player feedback: XP rates have been tripled, materials needed for the activity have raised, and gold rewards have been added. The game’s most recent update has otherwise tweaked several weapons, made adjustments to clue scrolls, and offered a rough timeline for future updates players voted for in Poll 76.

sources: RuneScape website, OSRS website (1, 2)
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