A PSO2 New Genesis fan-made costume comes from an artist whose account was inexplicably banned


Generally speaking, seeing a costume you created announced as a winner in an official contest is likely a point of pride for the artists who are selected, but one particular winner is likely finding the victory bittersweet, as the artist’s account is reportedly permanently banned for no explained reason.

The artist, who goes by %+ (PercentPlus), unveiled the fiasco on Twitter, hoping that players enjoy the outfit while lamenting the fact that “global permanently banned [the artist] without warning or proper explanation.” A reply further down the thread suggests PercentPlus has been trying to get an answer for sixth months but has been met with silence. “I’ve been critical of the game in area chat so maybe that was it,” the reply reads in part. “I would really like them to tell me so I could enjoy closure at least.”

Players being hit by an automatic banwave for spurious reasons is apparently not unique to the PSO2:NGS community, as there are reports of a campaign allegedly started by 4Chan users to mass-report people in a so-called “ERP purge” as one Redditor put it. “Global CMs have shown they have no problem banning players for inappropriate language,” reads a portion of the shared message. “[Homophobic slur referring to gamers] generally have low impulse control so it’s likely they have some skeletons in their closet.”

Whether PercentPlus was among those caught in this purge or not is obviously not clear and is the subject of plenty of community discussion, and it’s entirely possible that PercentPlus has performed something that warranted the permaban and is playing innocent. What is clear is that this particular artist is going to have to simply sit on the sidelines while Sega makes the fruits of its artist’s labor part of an AC Scratch Ticket’s offering.

sources: Twitter, official site, Reddit (1, 2, 3), cheers Andrew!
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