Bethsoft has delayed its co-op shooter Redfall to next year – along with Starfield


Blink and you probably missed it: Bethesda Softworks dropped some bad news on Twitter this morning, delaying two of its upcoming AAA games into 2023: Starfield and Redfall.

Starfield, of course, is not a multiplayer title and thus is seldom discussed on MOP, but it apparently had an unannounced plan for an 11-11-22 release that it will no longer make.

Redfall, however, is a co-op shooter that caught our eye when it debuted at last year’s E3. Technically, Bethsoft’s Arkane Austin studio calls it a “co-op open-world first-person shooter”; it’s not an MMO, with only four-player co-op, but it’ll see you and a few buddies laying waste to hordes of vampires on the quaint island of (you guessed it) Redfall. It was meant to launch on PC and Xbox X|S this summer, so this delay is even more brutal.

Source: Twitter
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