Elyon suits up the Paladin for her debut later this month


By the Light! Elyon’s not quite done adding new classes to the western version of the fantasy MMO. In fact, it’s getting ready to release the Paladin a little later this month on May 25th. Players can also snag a free Paladin outfit by subscribing to Kakao’s newsletter.

“Using the light attribute, Paladins are melee fighters the light that can swap between support and tank role using their auras,” the studio said. “For those looking for more tactical gameplay, the Paladin is a perfect new class to try out.”

In the meanwhile, Elyon released a small patch this week that doled out some compensation for a recent bug and added extra login rewards. The patch also added a few new items for the upcoming new Mana Awakening season.

Source: Steam, Elyon via MMO Fallout
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