Neverwinter is under siege in a returning event as the Arc client gets a visual overhaul


It must be tiring being a citizen of Neverwinter, particularly when the city is besieged on something of an annual basis. It’s time once again for the long-suffering populace of the MMORPG’s city to go through another siege event that promises plenty of shiny rewards for the players and lots of buildings on fire for everyone else.

During the Siege of Neverwinter event, players can take on dragon cultists, their marauding bands of warriors, their catapults, and some dragons directly in order to get various tokens that can be spent at three different event storefronts, as well as a free goodie bag that has the potential for a mount, dyes, companions, and more. The Siege runs between now and Thursday, June 1st.

Meanwhile, those who fire up their Arc client to get into Neverwinter (or any of Gearbox’s other MMOs) may have noticed a little cog on the top right of the launcher that prompts players to try out a new Arc client, which promises improved navigation, easier access to news for installed games, and a clean new look.

source: Arc Games website (1, 2)
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