Sea of Thieves prepares for Community Day, tweaks Legend of the Veil voyage, and sells a fish face


There’s quite a few different things waiting in the new patch for Sea of Thieves. Whether you’re going to join in on Community Day festivities, taking on the latest Pirate Legend voyage, or dreaming of dressing up your character like a lionfish, the newest update has a little something for you.

The main attraction, of course, is the addition of Community Day activities that will kick off on May 14th, which will be full of earning boosts, free goodies, and general huzzahs in the direction of the sandbox’s playerbase. As for more regular content in the game, several of the limited-time events have since run their course, bringing things like Megalodon encounters, Morrow’s Peak, and the Killer Whale’s wreck either being cleared completely or changing back to normal events.

Other highlights of the patch include several tewaks to the high-tier Legend of the Veil voyage, some overall fixes and adjustments, and a new set of cosmetics in the the Pirate Emporium known as the Lionfish collection for those who want to dress their characters and ships in fancy fish filigree.

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