Warframe announces plans to address Angels of the Zariman pain points with a 1.1 patch


If you’re among those who have complaints with Warframe’s latest update, know that the devs at Digital Extremes hear you and that a fix is on the way. While the team has been issuing hotfixes to address critical bugs, a larger patch is in the wings to tackle gameplay issues players are reporting.

This tentatively titled Angels of the Zariman 1.1 patch will introduce some more mobility options for Void Sling, as well as fixes for Transference latency issues and some possible other tweaks to Operators. The devs are also considering feedback related to Overguard, and while specific changes aren’t outlined in the announcement, the post does state that the team is “committed to making good on the feedback [it’s being] given.” Finally, the patch will bring the final two Incarnon weapons that the devs previewed before.

Further details will be shared on the game’s next livestream, but for now Tenno should know that updates are indeed on the way.

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